• Question: If I went to mc donalds everyday how would it affect my health

    Asked by Em12 to Ciara, Gonzalo, Yvonne on 17 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Ciara O'Donovan

      Ciara O'Donovan answered on 17 Nov 2017:

      McDonalds does not have all the nutrients we need.. it is full of sugars and fats and would be very bad for your health if you had it everyday. It could out you at risk of developing diseases such as diabetes. It is better to only have this every now and then if you want it.

    • Photo: Gonzalo Delgado-Pando

      Gonzalo Delgado-Pando answered on 17 Nov 2017:

      You could get diabetes, methabolic syndorme and many other food-related diseases. So it won’t be a good option. Fast food places have way too many unhealthy food.